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I specialize in providing personal, soulful and unique memorial services that reflect your loved one and help you in your grieving.

When you are not part of an organized religious community, the options for funeral ceremonies are limited; I offer an alternative. 

I work primarily with individuals and families who identify as spiritual but not religious, agnostic, science-centered, lapsed or former Catholics, or by various combinations of religious and non-religious labels. Many of the individuals and families I work with were raised in a religious tradition but no longer identify with it, or are only loosely affiliated.

I earned a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Harvard and am ordained in the progressive protestant denomination of the UCC. For nearly 10 years, I have worked with individuals and families from across the religious and non-religious spectrum to craft meaningful memorial services.

I bring a calm presence, compassionate curiosity and genuine listening to the process of getting to know you and your loved one and crafting a memorial service that resonates.

I work directly with individuals, families and in partnership with funeral homes. I offer memorial services, funerals, celebrations of life at the funeral home, graveside or in a home or place at is meaningful to you and your loved one. I also offer memorial services for you grieving the loss of a pet.

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When I met you at our initial meeting, I knew we found someone special...It was evident that you were actively listening with a genuine interest and a compassionate heart. Thank you for letting us be heard and for helping us with the healing process.
— Stephanie and Eric, after a memorial service for Eric's dad
We would like to thank you ever so much for the wonderful service you gave for our Dad. You have an amazing gift for capturing the spirit of people by simply listening, absorbing and processing the brief information with shared with you! Your words and descriptive stories embodied the essence of our dad. You gave considerable comfort to our family which transcended the grief and became a celebration of life
— Carol & Russ, after a memorial service for Russ' dad

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Funeral/Memorial Services Standard: $325 (varies)
2-3 get to know and ceremony planning meetings, approximately 1hr each
Communication with funeral home, if applicable
Ceremony drafting and communication with necessary people to collect the stories
The ceremony
Graveside/secondary location, if desired